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5 Reasons Why You Don't Like Your Sew-In

 As a seasoned and licensed stylist I can spot a bad sew in from  miles away. I've fixed or redone quite a few in my chosen career. There are many women who believe that sew ins are not for them. They have went thru horrible sew in trauma and like many other traumas it can affect even those who don't actually have the sew in. To help those who suffer with lumpy sew in

Disorder, I have come up with a list of reasons why you hate your sew in.

1.Braid Pattern not Flat

Depending on the thickness of the hair, every great sew in starts with a flat braid down. This is vital part of the sew in and determines the flatness and longevity of the style. 

2. Hair Quality is Bad

If you try to get cheap hair sewn in, your hair will look and feel cheap.  It probably won’t hold a curl long. Cheap hair usually sheds a lot and no one likes for piles of the hair to be on the bathroom floor. Most men often complain about hair everywhere as well.  If your hair is cheap another problem is it tangles. No one wants to have to carry a full size paddle brush in their purse because you can’t just run your fingers through your hair.  All these reasons will cause you remove the hair quickly resulting in a waste of money and time for a sew in. Save yourself from embarrassment and a headache and just invest in great quality hair. 

3. Your braids are too tight

For decades stylist believe the tighter the braids, the longer lasting the sew in. This is far from the truth. If your braids are too tight and the sew in is tight permanent damage can be done. The client can start to lose  hair. Ever wonder why some people don’t have edges anymore? There sew-ins have been too tight for a long period of time. After each sew in the client edges have become thinner and thinner resulting in edge loss. This could have been avoided if the stylist was practicing proper sew in techniques.

4. Your hair was not washed

There are sine stylist who say come washed. There are plenty of people you know and I know cant wash they own hair to save they life. So you get to your stylist chair and she smells your hair and still braids it down. I mean you getting a closure anyways. Right?? Noooo thats unsanitary and against State Regulations. EEww..ok. Thats why your scalp is itching.

5.Did Not look Natural

Your ever got a sew in and when you see someone they ask you is it weave or extensions? See thats not cool. People or your friends should be gagging over how amazing your hair look. How did it get so long? Wow you hair looks amazing. Those are the responses one should be getting when they get extensions.

To make sure you avoid all these sew-in pitfalls, book your next sew-in appointments at www.virginlyfe.com

Comment below if there's another reason you don't like your sew in? Or if you had a Virgin Lyfe Sew In Package and how was the experience?

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